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    "Mach doch was DU willst"
    "Mach doch was DU willst"


If the purpose of life is to gain experience, Andy Ost is already well ahead of the game. While working as a long-haul pilot, he was also successful in his “side job” as a comedian, musical cabaret artist and permanent guest on the television broadcast from Carnival.

And things would likely have remained that way until now... except for a fateful visit to an aviation medical examiner in 2011. After being subject to intensive examination to find the cause of some physical problems, the physician determined that he could no longer fly. At that moment, his entire world fell apart.

His professional future– uncertain.
His financial security – gone.
His job, which he loved dearly – finished.

High time to have a look behind the scenes! He began a journey of healing and self-knowledge that led to him ideas that have enabled him to lead a life of self-determination.

In 2014 he followed his experiences to their culmination point, took all his savings in his luggage on a trip to Los Angeles in order to realise the greatest dream of his life: to record his own songwriter album with the best studio musicians of our time!

“I’m throwing it all in, I’m going to be a rock star:-)” -  Andy Ost speaks to discovering his vocation somewhat later in life, with a trademark wink …

Andy Ost now puts the same questions to his audiences that he once grappled with himself:

 “What kind of journey would you still like to take in your life?”

“How often does one of your dreams end with ‘Yes, but...’”

“When was the last time you allowed your heart,
not your brain, to find a solution for you?”

A talk on courage, responsibility, destructive thinking, fear, success and motivation based on love! An exciting journey, to a place closer to yourself.

It’s your life, do what YOU want!

Funny, stunningly honest, inspiring! Because sometimes dreaming isn’t enough...